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Frequently asked questions

Credit Cards

We only accept VISA, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards as payment.

Event Questions

GuamTime is solely the online ticket provider. All event related questions, such as schedule, layout, restrictions, etc, must be presented to the event organizers directly. 

Canceled/Rescheduled Events

GuamTime is not responsible for canceled or rescheduled events. Please contact the organizers directly for more information.

Payment not processed due to an "AVS mismatch"

This means that your credit card information was inaccurate. Please ensure your card number, expiration date, ccv, and billing zip code is up to date. You also need to confirm that your bank account allows online purchases


GuamTime does not offer refunds or exchanges as all sales are final. We also do not upgrade tickets after being purchased. Please contact the event organizers directly to receive a refund.

My credit card was "charged" multiple times

If your online bank says the charge is pending, this means your credit card was "swiped" and not actually "charged." This occurs when you submit a credit card and the information provided was incorrect (wrong billing or cc number). For every time you click submit, your card is swiped. Only purchases that are actually charged will receive a QR code. You will also see this listed in your online charges that are no longer pending.

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